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I thought, on the occasion of the extension of the coupon of 200 euros from the student care, to get a laptop. However, I remembered that there were some laptops / tablets that could work as hybrid devices between the two categories. I searched a bit and found that there are two major categories, a tablet category with computer functions and a laptop category with a small size, touch screen and flexibility in opening the screen (like a chromebook). Is such a choice generally worth it? I liked it as an idea but the specs from the laptops are quite low. On the other hand, I do not have big requirements since I will just have it for notes at school and to carry a file when I return to my hometown (I have a normal pc for programs etc). It seemed more vfm to me to get a tablet with keyboard support and computer functions, but I do not see much variety. I want to give up to about 5, 5 and a half centimeters, instead of 6 (in total, along with the 200 from the vouvher). What do you suggest; Is it worth it to look at something like that or just go to a laptop? I emphasize again that I do not want it for some heavy use. Thanks in advance. <a href="https://apkinstallation.com/video-downloader-mod-apk/">chromebook type</a>

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<a href="https://apkinstallation.com/video-downloader-mod-apk/">chromebook type</a>