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I recently purchased the Corsair 730T full case and i would like to ask you what fans i should install on it.The 730T comes with 3 140 AF’s only.I also have a corsair h100i for my cpu mounted at the top of the case.The case can take 7 fans in total.3 on the top(2 120s of the h100i)and 1 120 right next to the h100i,2 140s or 120s on the front 1 120 at the bottom and 1 120 or 140 at the back.So first of all,i know the back fan must be an AF one.On the front the one in front of the hdds must be sp and the other one an af cause there are no objects behind it.What should my bottom and up fans be??And also could i replace the h100i’s stock fans with sp ones??Take in mind that the top fan next to the h100i has below it the dvd drive,and the distance between them is about 13 cm or 5.118 inches.What do you suggest me to buy for the things i mentioned above??Thanks for your time reading this and sorry for the long text.

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mixalis ventzos απάντησε πριν 7 έτη

Auto tha se voithisei pisteuo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXAFYNE7Cl0
genika…oi anemistires pou vazoun aera mesa sto kouti na einai sp kai autoi pou vgazoun af

Leonidas Christodoulou απάντησε πριν 7 έτη

Μπραβο ρε Μιχαλη κατι τετοιο εψαχνα,τα εξηγει πολυ καλα ο τυπος.Να’σαι καλα που μπηκες στον κοπο και εψαξες.Σε ευχαριστω πολυ φιλε μου,με βοηθησε πολυ το βιντεακι. 🙂

mixalis ventzos απάντησε πριν 7 έτη

tipota re.kai ego ipologisti ftiaxno aftes tis meres kai exo diavasei ta pada 😛