babis tsourlis ρώτησε πριν 7 έτη
hi guys, i have a problem with an excel sheet. In a few words, i have 2 columns.e.g F and G. In F are all possible scores of a football match and in G are the possibilities in %. (using poisson distribution). In the next column i have used LARGE function to row the first 5 possible outcomes. e.g 2-0,1-1,2-1,1-0,0-1 with their %possibility. e.g 22%,13% and so on. My problem is that, when the %possibility is the same for 2 scores e.g 12.5% for both 2-0 and 2-1, then it shows me in the column the one score twice. e.g 2 times the 2-0 or 2 times the 2-1, intead of showing both scores. What can i do???

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george kafritsas απάντησε πριν 7 έτη

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